SPAM and Virus Filtering


Do you worry about receiving viruses via email? Are you sick of SPAM?


Would you like an easy solution to take care of both these problems? Well we have one! That's right, Trakkware, Inc. now offers a service that scans all your email for viruses and filters out most of the SPAM before it is delivered to your inbox.

  • We have contracted with a company (Postini) that specializes in SPAM filtering.
  • When you sign up for this service through Trakkware, we redirect all incoming email to first go through Postini.
  • Postini then scan all messages using McAfee Virus Protection ( )
    • They then filter each message according to the specifications of the user.
      1. o Each user can set the 4 filter levels in 4 different areas ( Sexually Explicit, Get Rich Quick, Special Offers, Racially Insensitive)
      2. o Addresses can be black listed (never allowed to send) or white listed (always allowed to send, regardless of content)
      3. o Any messages that are not let through will be put into quarantine for 2 weeks.

During this time the user can peruse the quarantined messages and let any through with a single click


The cost for this service is a monthly fee based on the total number of email accounts your organization hosts with Trakkware.

# of Email Accounts Cost Per Account Setup Fee
1-3 $3.00 $25.00
4-9 $2.50 $25.00
10-49 $2.00 $25.00
50-199 $1.75 Waived
200+ $1.50 Waived

Getting up and running is a breeze. Simply contact Trakkware at 303-449-9993, 866-TRAKKER or via email. We will then setup your account and work with you to get your users setup. Once each user is imported, an email will be generated to them telling them how to log in and configure their settings. As the administrator of the account, you will be able to control each account via the admin console. Once the accounts are setup, Trakkware will setup your account to redirect all mail to Postini before it reaches your inbox.

Don’t delay, sign up today! 

Below is an example of what you would receive instead of a message with a virus. You can read the message online (via the web) without risk of infecting your computer or network.


Trakkware Web Hosting's virus protection service has detected a potential email virus. This suspicious message has been quarantined in your Trakkware Web Hosting Message Center:

From: <> Subject: Re: Movie Virus: W32/Palyh@MM

You can read the message without infecting your computer. Click on the link to access your Trakkware Web Hosting Message Center:

Thank You! Trakkware Web Hosting