Google Apps Setup

Keep your domain name, but host your email with Google for free!  

Get the features and benefits of Gmail plus shared calendars, documents and more, but keep your email address.  Only you will know you're on Google.   Sync your mail, calendar and contacts with your phone and have access to ALL your information from any computer on the web.

Google Apps Standard Edition makes it easy for your company, school, family, sports team or group to communicate and collaborate online - and it's free!

Trakkware is proud to offer Google Apps Setup Services.  We will setup and configure your Google Apps account, import your users, setup your DNS and provide written documentation on best practices and setup instructions for each user.  We then work closely with you during the switchover process, which we handle, and make sure everything is running smoothly.

We can also provide individual account configuration and mail migration once the switchover has occurred.  This includes migrating email from Outlook or other clients, importing calendars and contacts, etc.  We can also do individual user trainings, if necessary.



Basic Package ($395):

Our basic package includes:

  • Setup and configuration of Google Apps
  • importing users
  • DNS Configuration
  • Written Documentation
  • Best Practices Documentation
  • Switchover & Support

User Imports and Setup ($129 per user):

If additional per-user support is needed, we can offer this service to get each user up and running, including:

  • Importing old mail from Outlook or other programs to Google Apps
  • Importing Contacts into Google Apps
  • Importing Calendars into Google Apps
  • Basic Google Apps training

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