Our Portfolio

Trakkware has been building websites since 1995.  We began by building the first Weleda website using notepad to write the HTML and hosting it with CompuServe. Over the years we've grown and just launched the newest version of the Weleda website which is now entirely database driven, powered by a world class CMS system, and has a custom shopping cart that plugs into their in-house database and shows visitors all their past orders, including ones not made through the web.

We've designed and built websites for banks, small businesses and lots of schools.  Below is a very small list of examples of some of the recent sites we've done that show the diversity of the designs and features we offer.

We offer all levels of web design and build our sites using an ASP.NET-based Content Management System (CMS). This gives our clients the ability to manage and update all aspects of their websites from any computer with an internet connection (all you need is a browser)! It also gives us a very rich and robust platform upon which to develop custom features for your site. Learn more about our web development.