Content Management

Trakkware has a great Content Management Sytem (CMS) based on ASP.NET that gives your organization the ability to manage all aspects of your website yourself.  Please contact us for more information.

Flash Slideshows & Video
With our CMS you have complete control over Flash Slideshows. You have the ability to add as many slideshows as you need, wherever you choose, and customize them as you please with over 40 powerful easy-to-use and easy-to-understand controls.

Click the samples to the right to view our Flash Slideshow in action.

Lightbox Images
Create eye-catching image and video galleries that impress your visitors. With our lightbox control you can make a click of a link or thumbnail turn into a beautiful pop-up that showcases your media in an elegant light window. No tech skills required!

Click on any image to the left to navigate through some sample Lightbox images.

Our ImageTrakker software allows you to upload your images and instantly create online albums, thumbnails, slideshows, and online galleries. With ImageTrakker you have a simple and powerful online image editor with the ability to do things like re-size photos, add drop shadows, add borders, crop, convert to grayscale, and much more.

Click the image on the right to view a screenshot of our ImageTrakker Manager.

Our CMS comes integrated with a Blog that lets you edit your blog visually so you can see what your Blog will look like while you are working on it. You can administer single or multiple user blogs and add blogs to any page.

Click the images on the left to view screenshots of sample features we offer with our blogs or click here to view a live version of a blog we created for Weleda.

Page Editing
Edit your web pages on your own just as if you were editing an MS Word document on your desktop. Editing a page is as easy as going to the page and clicking on the “Edit Page” button (visible only to administrators). You can also password-protect or assign permissions to specific pages so that only users you choose can view or edit the content on those pages. It couldn’t be easier and best of all no programming or HTML experience is necessary.

Click the images on the right to see an example of how our Page Editing works.

The CMS offers an advanced search feature that gives you and your web users the ability to find information efficiently and easily. What's truly impressive about our search feature is how effortless it is to drag and drop search boxes onto any page you can edit. You can have boxes that search the entire site or just specific content such as single page. You have full control over the search feature without requiring any programming experience.

Try it out by using the search box to the left.

Forum & Discussion Board
Forums are built-in to our CMS. Create multiple forums and configure them through an intuitive management interface. Administrators have complete control over the forums such as starting, editing, and deleting threads as well as setting permissions for individual users.

Click the image to the right to open a new tab and test the forum module.
Click to test the Trakkaware Forums

Our system automatically generates a sitemap for your website. This helps your site get better SEO results since search engines, like Google, will easily be able to index all of your existing pages whenever they are updated and new pages when they are added. Additionally, you can effortlessly create a sitemap page where your visitors can navigate your site.

Click the image to the left to open a new tab with a sample sitemap.
Click to view the Trakkware Sitemap

Email Marketing
Our CMS integrates conveniently with Constant Contact e-mail marketing. If you have an existing Constant Contact account, we will create a sign-up button and graphic on your site that is linked directly to Constant Contact for no additional charge.

Click the images on the right to see an example of how Email Marketing works.