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At Trakkware, we pride ourselves on our customer support and our ability to work with customers to understand their needs and to deliver more than they expect.

How to Create a Support Ticket

You can create a support ticket easily by simply sending an email to

When writing the email please follow these simple, but essential guidelines:

  • Include a good subject line with a very clear sentence describing the issue you would like us to address
  • Include a description that provides very specific details about your issue and how you would like us to handle your issue. The more detail the better. There is no such thing as too much detail! On the other hand, there is such a thing as too little detail so please be as detailed as possible in your email.
  • Please ensure that you describe each of your attachments in detail as well. For example, if you attach an image, please tell us exactly what it is to be used for, how you would like us to apply it or edit it, where you like it to placed, what it is supposed to replace (if it is supposed to replace anything) etc.

Take a look at the following screenshot for an excellent example of what we are looking for in a support ticket and try to mimic the ticket when you send your own to:



800-903-9111 (toll free)
303-449-9993 (phone)


800-903-9111 (toll free)

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Snail Mail

Trakkware, Inc.
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Trakkware, Inc.
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