Pricing Model & Philosophy

Our pricing is generally based on a low, yearly lease rate that includes free support and upgrades.  We feel this is the fairest way to price our products.  See below for more info.

There are, generally, 3 models for pricing software:

  1. Large Up-Front (Purchase) Fee, No Upgrades
  2. Large Up-Front (Purchase) Fee, Yearly Maintenance Fees (~20%) for Upgrades & Support
  3. Small Yearly License Fee, includes Free Upgrades & Support (Our Model)

We find this third model to work well, especially for independent schools and small businesses.  Instead of charging large up-front fees and locking the clients into long-term contracts, we offer low yearly fees and have no contracts.  We want you to stay with us because you love our products and our service, not because you signed something a couple of years ago!

CampusTrakker Pricing

CampusTrakker pricing is based on which modules you use.  We offer more details about CampusTrakker pricing under the CampusTrakker website.

Please call 1-866-TRAKKER for more information on CampusTrakker pricing.

GiftTrakker Pricing

GiftTrakker is, like most of our products, based on a yearly license fee.  It is also eligible for a 20% "Not For Profit" discount.  We charge a small setup fee that includes setting up the site and skinning it to look like your website.  We also do training and help you create links to the new pages, if necessary.


  Yearly Fee: Setup Fee:
 Corporate $320 $150
 Non-Profit $260 $150

EventTrakker Pricing

Thew new version of EventTrakker is now available.  Please call 1-866-TRAKKER today for EventTrakker pricing information.

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