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EnrollmentTrakker to be released soon

We have been developing a web-based version of EnrollmentTrakker that is the beginnings of the next version of CampusTrakker which will also be 100% web-based.  We will be putting our first client on it at the end of the month in a beta capacity.

  • INQUIRIES: Which is a simple system for storing basic inquiry information, but due to our dynamic table structuring, can use different templates so an inquiry can be updated to become an actual application and the additional fields just become available at that time.  In the near future, a phone inquiry could actually be made public to a parent who could just expand on the information to submit an application via the web without having to re-enter all the information you already have in the inquiry and all tasks and workflow and notes attached to the inquiry would just carry over.
  • TASKS:  A dynamic system for creating tasks for any inquiry.  This task can be assigned to any user and once it is complete, it can trigger unlimited mandatory and optional follow up tasks, each of which can have a default assigned user, so you receiving an application back could trigger Helen to call the person to setup an interview with Kay plus also trigger Linda to contact them about paying their tuition!  You manage the tasks and what they trigger and who they are assigned to and whether they're optional and whether they are created when a task is made or when it's completed, etc.  Very flexible.  Tasks can be used for anything, not just inquiries, so for example they could be used for gifts, attendance, phone calls, etc.  If you wanted to have someone return a phone call that you took, you could just make a task for that user and when they log on they'll see they have to call a certain person
  • WORKFLOW:  We have designed and created a workflow process for managing the inquiries.  You can make any levels you want and people can move through these steps.  For example, it might look something like this, but could have more levels if needed.  This system, like the tasks, will be usable for any workflow you have, such as hiring new teachers, discipline, or anything else that has a flow to it.  Each type of activity can have its own workflow, so below would be for admissions but you could make a totally different workflow for hiring.  We will also have pie graphs per step so you can see the number of items in each sub item to visually be able to gauge the progress and distribution of inquiries.
    • Cancelled (didn't work out)
    • Stalled
    • Active
      • Step 1 (inquiry)
      • Step 2 (visits and meetings)
      • Step 3 (has application)
      • Step 4 (application complete)
    • Completed
  • BATCHES: You can batch anything now, so you could batch all the 2010/2011 inquiries, the 2011/2012 inquiries, etc.  Then when you're working you can chose which batch you want to work with.  Down the road you will use the same batches for Gift Thank Yous, certain mailings, etc.
  • NOTES: You can attach a note to anything now and these can be tagged and can cascade so you can make lots of notes for an inquiry, a task, a phone call, a workflow steps, etc. Notes can also be "sticky" which means that they float to the top so the most important ones don't get lost.
  • FILTERING: This is something we are extremely excited about!  Our filtering system is based on making lots of little filters and stringing them together with Includes, Excludes, Ands or Ors.  So you could make a filter called Young Single Moms that looks at People and selects Women who have Marital Status = Single and who are born between X and Y.  You can then make a filter called Boulder or Denver and have it look at the addresses and find people who live in City=Boulder or City=Denver.  You could make a bunch of other ones, too, but you can then string those 2 together with an And and get a filter of Young Single Moms in the Boulder Area.  That's just one example, but it is looking VERY powerful and flexible and you should be able to make almost any query you'd like and then string those together.  You can then run any report or form using those filters.  So you could filter the Inquiries to only show those local moms. 
  • REPORTING: Reports will be independent of queries, which is really cool, so different reports can be set up and then you set up the filtering (see above) and then run any report you want with any filtering you want.  It's looking very promising and incredibly powerful
What we've been working on so far is the features and functionality.  The next steps are going to be to test the system and get some real data in to begin really working and work on some basic reports and get that all going.

Stay tuned for pictures and more information!

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