GiftTrakker is an online tool to allow you to accept donations securely via the web without programming or a secure certificate.  The software runs on our servers but we skin it for you, so the pages look identical to your website and all links lead back to your existing site.

We give you a robust form that allows your visitors to enter their gifts, pledges or payments securely online.  You are then notified of new donations and payments and can log in to download the details, also completely securely.

Pricing is based on an annual licensing fee, and we don't take a cut of gifts made.  You run the credit cards in-house or via a gateway, so you can keep a larger percentage of all gifts and payments made.  It's the fairest deal in Online Giving!

Click one of the links below to see GiftTrakker in action and see how GiftTrakker integrates with their existing site: