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Trakkware Business Conference

Conferences are held monthly and are required for all employees who have been employed less than a year (they are optional for all other employees). Any Trakkware member may volunteer to host a conference, either in their home city or close by.

Activities begin with a welcome reception…the perfect time for "regulars" to catch up on established long-distance friendships while at the same time offering a special welcome to new Trakkware members.

Select your preferred accommodation option below to reserve your room for the next Trakkware conference. Note: Trakkware will only pay for cover your expenses for the standard room. You may upgrade your room at your own expense.

Standard Room

*Included in package at no charge

The Standard room is a small but cozy room, suitable for 1 or 2 people, with a comfortable bed, soundproof, free Wi-Fi internet access, flat screen, and direct dial phone. The bathroom is equipped with a hair dryer and a bathtub.

Deluxe Room

*Upgrade fee is $199
  • 50% more space than standard room
  • mini bar
  • mini desk
No longer available for online purchase

Luxury Room

*Upgrade fee is $399

This is the best room

No longer available for online purchase