E-Commerce Demo

Partial List of Features

Product Launch

The product launch control allows you to launch any product in your store from a link or image. You can design your own product page and make links to all your products or create a page for a featured product and create a call-to-action that users can click on to launch product details for a product of your choice, giving users the ability to purchase the product right from there. Try out the demo for this feature here.

Product Detail Page

The product detail control lets you create a page that features all the details of a product and its variants. Users can purchase the product by clicking on the add to cart button. Try out this feature here.

E-Commerce Calendar

The e-commerce calendar is a very powerful tool that lets you turns events into products. This is like a standard calendar but when a user clicks on an event, they will see a popup with the details of the event and the ability to purchase tickets or other items for the event. Users can also fill out a form (e.g., a registration form) right from the calendar when they purchase their tickets. See a the demo here.


Demos of more features coming soon.

Keep in mind, this is only a very small list of all the features we offer with our E-commerce solution. For a information about more features, fill out the inquiry form on this page and we will set up a time to go over all the remaining features.