Our Team

The Trakkware team consists of 6 individuals, ranging from programmers to designers.

Ben Alexandra, President

Ben Alexandra, President & Founder of Trakkware, Inc.

Ben Alexandra founded Trakkware, Inc. (formerly known as Funky Monk Consulting) while studying Biology and Chemistry at Mesa State College. The company was originally started to fund Ben's Pre-Med studies while at school, but Ben soon found that his passion lay in Computers and Technology, not in medicine (read his graduation speech for more on this).

Although Ben was in his early 20's when he first started playing with computers, he has an affinity for them that has allowed him to quickly learn and grow with the field.

His aim is to use technology to build community by helping schools and small businesses to build websites that bring people together through interactive and responsive websites.

Contact Ben through any of the various methods on our Contact Us page.

Shawn Kent, Senior Programmer & Software Architect

Shawn KentShawn has been programming for many years and excels in platform and product development.  He has been working at Trakkware since January of 2009 and is working closely with Ben and others on the development of an exciting and dynamic new Trakkware platform that will combine 10 years of work into a new system.  This system will be released later this year and will be a ground-up rewrite of all the Trakkware products in a single, 100% web-based platform.  It uses all the latest technology and keeps Shawn very busy, including nights and weekends!

Martín Chamorro, Web Developer

Martin ChamorroMartin is a graduate student and part-time instructor at the University of Colorado, Boulder. He has received bachelor degrees in Graphic Design and Philosophy.

He came to Trakkware in January 2009 with an expertise in web technologies including CSS, XHTML, Javascript and PHP. As a member of the Trakkware team he has quickly been adapting to our ASP.NET and C# environment. His background in design also enhances our ability produce quality web designs that can be programmed to successfully work on a live site.

Mick Follari, Web Developer

Mick Follari is a creative person at heart. The son of 2 world-class musicians and teachers, Mick has been engaged in creative pursuits since he was a toddler.

A graduate of Brown University, he is also a world traveler, alpinist and climber, teacher, photographer/writer and has an amazing eye for all things aesthetic. His photography first led him into designing websites some years ago, his math and science training prepared him for the problem-solving of programming. Mick also works with schools on math and physics curricula, and teaches courses in those subjects.

Mick joined the Trakkware team in early 2007 and has been absorbing CSS, ASP.NET, C#, and ActionScript programming very quickly. He is the lead developer on most of our websites and continues to learn more and more about programming and databases.

Visit www.follari.com to check out his photography, design/development, and educational writings at Creative Spark.

Dan Eggers, Designer

Dan Eggers is an amazing graphic artist, proficient in all the major design technologies.  He has been designing websites, logos and print work for Trakkware since 2002 and continues to deliver amazing designs time after time.

Dan is a master of logo and web design and is always up for a challenge.

EJ Alexandra, Chief Software Architect

EJ has started programming when he was 17 and just never stopped.  The only thing that EJ loves more than programming & problem solving is his 4-year-old daughter, Lucy.

EJ Joined the Trakkware team recently after selling the web-hosting company he grew from server in his home-office to a 3 server hosted service with almost a thousand satisfied customers.  EJ is the chief architect behind, and lead programmer  on much of the Trakkware software.

Contact EJ by emailing him at ej @ trakkware.com.